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September 26, 2018


I was recently one of the lucky ones to participate in the Eggs for Days Workshop with Local Conestoga Farms and two of the most funniest and fun chefs Julie and Lisa from Bite Me More. at the beautiful Monogram Canada Studio! Being a local farm to table advocate and a lover of eggs, I was really excited to be part of this eggs-cellent event. 😉 Conestoga Farms prides themselves with working with egg farmers in Southwestern Ontario which means supporting local egg farmers and giving you the freshest eggs.  Conestoga Farms only partners with farmers who are passionate about what they do and committed to bringing quality, premium eggs to Ontario families. Why choose Conestoga Farms?.......


Because Local Matters


"When you choose eggs by Conestoga Farms for your kitchen, you are choosing wholesome, local eggs produced by proud Ontario farmers and their families. Our eggs are certified local by Foodland Ontario. Look for the logo on the carton so that you know you are supporting your local Ontario egg farmers.

Conestoga Farms is proud to work with Gray Ridge Egg Farms in the distribution of eggs to fine retailers across the province. We’re also proud members of Egg Farmers of Ontario and Egg Farmers of Canada, ensuring safe, quality egg production local.


It’s all about our farmers and our eggs. Our farmers are proud members of the Egg Farmers of Ontario and the Egg Farmers of Canada. Our eggs are certified local by Foodland Ontario. Look for the Foodland Ontario logo on your carton to know that you’re supporting local Ontario egg farmers.

For more information visit, "



Below I will be sharing the different types of eggs they offer as well as a collaboration with Lisa and Julie for some delicious recipes for you to bring family and friends together to enjoy!

Photo Courtesy: Conestoga Eggs


Conestoga Farms have many egg options to choose from, Organic Free Range & Organic Fed, Free Range From hens with access to outdoor pastures, Free Run Omega -3 and Hard Boiled & Peeled Snack Pack for a quick snack or to enjoy in salads or even on the go! So let me share some facts about the variety and options.


Organic Free Range & Organic Fed

All of our organic laying hens are fed Canadian Organic Regime (COR) certified feed, made from non-GMO grains. These non-GMO grains are produced on prohibited substance-free land. Our organic feed is 100% vegetarian with no animal by-products.

Conestoga Farms™ organic eggs are laid by Ontario-raised, organically fed laying hens that live on free range farms, with access to outdoor pastures.


Free Range From hens with access to outdoor pastures

Conestoga Farms™ free range eggs are laid by Ontario-raised laying hens that live on open concept farms, with access to outdoor pastures. They can freely forage, scratch peck, perch and lay their eggs in nest boxes.All our hens are fed nutrient-rich, all-grain, registered feed formulas, made from approved ingredients, as required by the Canada Feeds Act.


Free Run Omega-3 (White or Brown)

Omega-3 polyunsaturates are essential fatty acids required for health. Omega-3 polyunsaturates aren’t produced by the body – they must come from the diet1. Conestoga Farms™ free run omega-3 eggs are produced by feeding our hens an all-grain diet, enriched with flax seed, a source of DHA omega-3 polyunsaturates. Each large free run omega-3 egg contains 0.4 g of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Conestoga Farms Free Run Omega-3 brown eggs are also enriched with 1 mg of lutein per egg. (The white eggs are enriched with omega-3 only.) Lutein is an antioxidant found in the eye that supports healthy vision. It has been shown to help reduce the risk of developing eye diseases like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).2,3Lutein as added to eggs by adding lutein-rich marigold extract to the hens’ diet.

1Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health,
2Canadian Association of Optometrists,
3American Optometric Association,


Hard Boiled & Peeled Snack Pack

Conestoga Farms® Free Run On the Run™ eggs are cooked and peeled, then packaged in a convenient twin pack, for an easy, ready-to-eat snack – no peeling required.

All of our hard boiled and peeled eggs start out as farm fresh, free run eggs, laid by Ontario-raised free run hens. These hens live in open concept, weather sheltered barns, wher then can freely forage, scratch, peck, perch and lay their eggs in nest boxes.

Photos Courtesy of Conestoga Eggs Josh Tenn-Yuk



What is the Eggs For Days Workshop? Its a meal prep workshop curated and hosted by cookbook authors and recipe developers in a beautiful kitchen setting. It gives their guests an opportunity to get in the kitchen and get cracking to prepare a recipe to take home. The Eggs For Days Workshop was a collaboration with Conestoga Farms and Bite Me More! Julie and Lisa led the class for a unique networking, educational and culinary opportunity that integrates Conestoga Farms Eggs in all recipes and learnings. What did I enjoy the most about this workshop, not only to support our local egg farmers but how this workshop brought together so many wonderful foodies for a fun and delicious cooking opportunity together while we shared a meal and build friendships. 

Photos Courtesy of Conestoga Eggs Josh Tenn-Yuk


This Tofu Pad Thai recipe features Conestoga Farms Organic Free Range & Organic Fed. Who says Pad Thai was difficult to whip up, Lisa and Julie shared a quick and delicious recipe that I have now added to my family meal plans.

Photo Courtesy: Irene Matys


Make- Ahead Cheesy Spinach Strata features Conestoga Farms Free Run Omega- 3 Eggs. This recipe was one of my favourites as it included an abundance of fresh veggies and with a busy family, its a make ahead for a quick weeknight dinner.

Photo Courtesy: Irene Matys 


This Mason Jar Layered Cob Salad features Hard Boiled & Peeled Snack Pack. I love this concept and salad. It is the perfect on the go lunch, snack or dinner. My girls really enjoy taking this salt to school as it is fun for them to eat, has so many of their favourite things and most of all it is absolutely fresh & delicious and easy to put together.  

Photos Courtesy of Conestoga Eggs Josh Tenn-Yuk




 "Food not only nourishes us but it connects us!" This statement could not have been any more appropriate at the Eggs for Days Workshop! Being surrounded by like minded foodies and the importance of supporting local made this a wonderful and memorable event! The importance of supporting our local farmers not only gives us and our families fresh quality food but it supports our local farmers financially so they are able to provide for their own families.  Thank you to Traci from Conestoga Farms and Lisa & Julie from Bite Me More for feeding us, educating us and giving us the opportunity to work together to prepare a meal to share with our own families! xo

Photos Courtesy of Conestoga Eggs Josh Tenn-Yuk



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