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What two things are Universal and very important to us all, Farmers and the Food they grow to feed us! I was recently invited by Canola Eat Well to the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto for a screening of the critically acclaimed documentary "Food Evolution" directed by academy award-nominated Scott Hamilton Kennedy and narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson. This film was brought to you by CropLife Canada, Life Sciences Ontario, UofW Faculty of Science Foundation, Partners in Research, Ontario Agri-Food Technologies, Food Starter, Royal Canadian Institute of Science. A film on GMO and Science as well as educating you so you are equipped with some knowledge. We also had the honour followed by the film for a panel discussion with a group of amazing local and global experts including:

Scott Hamilton Kennedy, Director,

Motlatsi Musi, South African farmer,

Carol T. Culhane, CEO of International Food Focus Ltd.,

Ian Affleck, Executive Director, Plant Biotechnology at CropLife Canada

Greg Hannam, Ontario cash crop farmer (Woodrill Farms).

(above photo cred: genetic literacy project)

I was looking forward to this evening with the team from Canola Eat Well as I was interested in the opportunity to view the scientific side of the farmers and the food they grow. Being part of Organic Farming, I was a little nervous to take on this task to share my experience of the film with you but for me, its about what I have taken away from this. Its made me realize how much more appreciation, love and respect I have for all our farmers. This film reinforced the amount of hard work and passion that goes into to what they do to provide an abundance of food to not only nourish all of us around the world but support them and their own families to live.

(above photo cred: Ontario Farm Insurance)

Listening to farmers such as MotlatsiAdam and Greg on our panel, speak about the challenges of farming and producing enough to ensure we are all fed using the best and safest tools that are provided, made me realize that all farmers whether it be conventional or organic, both have a common goal, to grow, provide and nourish us with fresh quality local food.

(above photo cred: Irene Matys)

All of us will accept the fact that Food is a need, its a primary factor for survival. Food is one of the things I love very much, all the world flavours, the aroma's and most importantly, how it connects and brings us all together. We also have a choice, to choose what is best for us and our families. As long as we do our research, whether it be through science or getting to know our farmers and where our food comes from, its what matters and what's important.

(above photo cred: Farm to Table Dinners to Support Farmers Markets/Tennesse)

In honour of our local farmers, Canola Eat Well and their winter harvest, I have shared with you this simple Roasted Heirloom Carrot & Sweet Onion Chilli Soup to warm the souls of you and your loved ones. With love Irene xox

(above photo & recipe cred: Irene Matys)

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