Farm-To-Table Collaboration with Mon-2-Mom

November 17, 2017

Just a little over a month ago, I announced a new initiative to The Spicy Olive website where I spend the day for a farm-to-table collaboration with foodie friends and share the day and experience with all of you. My first collaboration was with the Sneaky Mommies and now I would like to introduce to you a dear friend of mine, new blogger and author of the  Monica Mon-2-Mom blog. I have known Monica for 17 years and have a special connection through our families and of course good wholesome food.  When Monica first told me that she has decided to start a blog and share her passion, I was excited and happy for her and I couldn't wait to feature her. The goal behind her blog is to promote a healthy lifestyle even to the busiest moms out there. She believes that health living is in fact attainable for EVERYONE. She has been a healthy nut her entire life and managed to maintain healthy living despite any distractions along the way. Monica wants to provide easy healthy recipes and tips on maintaining healthy habits. She is in the works of developing a Health Coaching business that not only includes personal training but teaching healthy habits as well, which involves EASY healthy meal/snack planning. Monica was very fortunate to be raised by an athletic mom and an Italian dad who was raised on a farm in Italy. Monica's dad and  aunts taught her that "we should always be grateful for the healthy food given to us. It is the passion and love for cooking that makes our recipes delicious!" 


We partnered up not only to bring you a farm-to-table healthy recipe using fresh produce from Plan B Organic Farms but incorporating her Italian family roots. This Roasted Chickpea recipe is one of Monica's favourite healthy go to snacks. Its so simple to prepare and can be made days ahead. These roasted chickpeas were turned into a delicious parmesan with a twist. A perfect topping for any dish!

Our day is not only in the kitchen developing and cooking but a day of learning and sharing. Food styling and Photography is always something that people ask me about so what better way to teach, then have my guests hands on in my studio for some food Styling and Photo shooting fun. As you can see Monica is a natural and can't wait to use her new skills on her blog.

Now that our chickpea parmesan is ready, its time to move on to our main. Monica wanted to create a recipe that was from her Italian roots and enjoyed not only in her younger years but at the present with her family and friends. Using sweet potatoes, farm eggs and gluten free whole wheat flour, we began creating an Italian favourite, Gnocchi. Many people are intimidated when it comes to homemade doughs and pasta but Monica made it simple and stress free for a perfect pillow like dough. No fancy pasta equipment, just yours hands and a fork!

The gnocchi was tossed in a simple and delicious olive oil, garlic, chilis and farm kale topped with chickpea parmesan for a healthy and delicious Italian family favourite. Head on over to Mon-2-Mom to get know Monica and all she shares about a healthy balance lifestyle and of course many delicious recipes but first, you need to make this Sweet Potato Gnocchi tossed in a Garlic, Chili Kale Sauce and Chickpea Parmesan!! xox



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