Cacao Barry Flavour Dinner: A Pioneering Journey of Flavour with Executive Chef Jason Bangerter & Pastry Chef Rachel Nicholson

April 11, 2017

Cacao Barry has started its quest for extraordinary chocolate flavours 175 years ago. In 1842, Charles Barry travelled to Africa to seek and harvest a selection of cocoa beans that would enable him to become the very first chocolate connoisseur. Expanding to Latin America, Cacao Barry soon perfected the art of transforming raw natural ingredients into the most refined and delicate cocoa and chocolate products. Cacao Barry offers a panel of flavours and extensive range of chocolate to delight all Chefs.


Cacao Barry is excited to continue their journey with Chefs from Toronto with a series of Flavour Dinners. Last February, Chef Bangerter and his Pastry Chef Rachel from Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa, travelled with Cacao Barry to their factory lab on an adventure where they smelled and tasted chocolate to create their own signature flavours.

Showcased here, is Chef Bangerter's and his teams own Terrior au Lait as well as their Or'Noir Signature Terrior Noir 70%.


Being a advocate for supporting local farmers, this Flavours Dinner was near and dear to me. Not only did Chef Jason partner up with an extraordinary quality chocolate producer Cacao Barry, but the evenings theme was Local Farm featuring Heritage Hen from Murray's Farm, located 15 minutes away from Langdon Hall .  To Chef Jason, Murray has one of the best Poultry and Pork he has ever tasted. His farm also has 18 varieties of Heritage True Bloodline Hens. He also supplies the restaurant with beautiful farm fresh eggs that made their beautiful appearance on the evenings dinning table. Chef Jason also grows his own fresh produce with the help of his talented gardener Mario. He is passionate about supporting local and using quality fresh ingredients!!! So much care, creative and detail went into the presentation and his culinary creations. Featured here was the most delectable Tuna appetizer served on a Tuna skeleton that Chef Jason cleaned.


A very exquisite & creative menu was put together featuring Cacao Barry, his own signature chocolate, beautiful produce from his garden and Murray's Heritage Hen. In his ingredients, Chef Jason has used every bit of the Hen from embryo, bones, skin flesh and livers. All courses were perfectly paired with its own wine. So, what came first? The Chocolate or the Hen! :)  Get ready to enjoy and eat with your eyes a true creative culinary experience as you read further. 

 The scene was a beautiful dinning table dressed with tree bark, greens from Chef Jason's garden at Langdon Hall and tucked away between its greenery, were beautiful farm fresh eggs from Murray's Farm. What made this dinner series unique, is that the guests around the table were chefs. Chef Jason & Rachel created menus that incorporated an ingredient that's usually associated with dessert only. The goal was to inspire these Chefs to be more innovative with their own restaurant menus.


Our first course, "The Feathered Foot" what beautiful presentation featuring a Liver Parfait, Chocolate Truffle Crumb & Chickweed paired with 2012 Cotes de Bergerac, Moelleux, Chateau Barouillet and his Chocolate feature was Cocoa Nibs.


 The second course was a table side presentation of the perfect creamy hen eggs. Chef Jason walked us through the process and how to make the perfect egg scramble nice and slow in a steam bath. An addition of Champagne, Cavier and yes, white Chocolate took this dish to an incredible flavour explosion.


I present to you, Champagne Hen Eggs, White Chocolate topped with White Sturgeon Caviar, paired with a 2015 Western Cape, 'Cartology' Albeit Vineyards. Accompanied with a side of their homemade Sour Dough Bread flavoured with crispy Hen skin, Chocolate Butter & Chicken Skin Lard. The chocolate featured in this dish was Zephyr White Chocolate.


We move on to the third course where Chef Jason torched at our table Bird Bone to create something absolutely extraordinary, Roasted Bird Bone Nage with Spring Vegetable from his garden & Chocolate Spätzle, paired with a 2013 Canary Islands, La Solana, Suertes del Marques. A chocolate feature of Cocoa Powder Extra Brute.


 The courses keep coming and continued to be exquisite and elegantly creative. The fourth course, Heritage Hen, Smoked Potato, Hen Veloute and Spiced Dark Chocolate Jus. One of my favourite uses of chocolate flavour! ;) This dish was paired with a 2010 St. David's Bench, Merlot, Leaning Post, featuring Chocolate Tanzanie 75%


 Fifth course, The "Formage" Chef Jason collaborated with a very talented Afrim a Cheese Maker at Cheese Boutique to create a signature  Blue Cheese for Chef Jason,  using Terrior Noir Powder 70.04% This was an absolutely incredible collaboration of talent to create Chocolate Marinated Blue served with Raisin, Barley and Chicken Stock Bread. Paired with a 2011 Quebec, Pomme de Glace, Verger St. Denis made it a top course.


The sixth course, dessert. This dessert truly stood up to its name, 'Milk Chocolate Bomb' it was the bomb of desserts. a creamy hazelnut with a Chicken Skin Cracker, yes, a Chicken skin Cracker, the ultimate pairing using Chef Jason's signature Terrior au Lait 40% Chocolate.



It was an honour to be a guest at such a wonderful culinary collaboration of world class chocolate, local farm and talented Chefs, on the beautiful grounds and dinning room at Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa. I had the opportunity to mingle with some fabulous guests and get to know and connected with some of our Toronto talented Chefs. Thank you to Barry Cacao, Chef Jason and his team, Branding & Buzzing for putting on an extraordinary dinning experience and collaboration. Thank you to photographer, Jeffrey Chan for capturing the beauty and elegance of the evening!


If you have not visited Langdon Hall to experience its beauty and the exquisite menus Chef Jason & his team create, you need to pay them a visit! xox






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