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Plan B Organic Farms was established in 1997 by Melanie Golba, Alvaro & Rodrigo Venturelli with a vision of creating an organic farm in Hamilton which would provide a source of fresh, organic produce to local households using certified organic growing methods and a Community Supported Agriculture (C.S.A) business model.

After five years of operation, they realized the demand for local organic food in the Golden Horseshoe was more than their farm could supply. With this in mind they created a “multi-farm” CSA which is comprised of a network of certified organic farmers in Southern Ontario to fill the weekly demand. In the 13 years since, they have grown to serve almost 1000 households each week with local certified organic produce. They continue to grow 30 acres of organic vegetables and manage 6 greenhouses ontheir farm in Flamborough. Thus, creating an efficient farm/farmer-based network model of food distribution, that supplies food from around

Southern Ontario, with Plan B Organic Farm as the “hub” where packaging and

distribution occurs and is delivered to consumers concentrated in the Golden Horseshoe from their farm in Flamborough.

In Spring 2015 I began (working/collaborating/volunteering) with Plan B Organic Farms. Being refugees, my parents immigrated to Canada in 1976 to give my brother and I a better life. Today, we are extremely grateful as we are blessed with health, love, happiness and family. A year ago, I made the decision to give back. What better way than to volunteer my time at a local organic farm and help our local farmers who provide wholesome non pesticide food to our family tables. Why did I choose Plan B Farms? It wasn’t fancy machinery or gadgets that made this farm grow, it’s the passion, love of family, hard work and the dedicated volunteers. I have gained so much respect and appreciation as well as the importance of supporting our local farmers. Alvaro, Mel, Rod and Shana have become part of my family and I feel honoured to be part of theirs! Here you will be able to follow my journey on the farm as I will be sharing each seasons produce and beauty, farm life and of course, my love and passion for local farm-to-table.

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