Greek Roast Lamb Pappardelle

How says leftovers should be boring. The leftovers from my  Rosemary & Garlic Lamb Roast was used to make this delicious Greek inspired Lamb Pappardelle Pasta!This Pappardelle was tossed with the leftover lemony lamb juices, topped with lamb slices and finished with Goat and Sheep's milk feta. A absolutely simple dish to put together for a weeknight dinner from your weekend roast.




500 g dry or fresh pappardelle pasta, 

1/4 cup pasta water, reserved

1 cup juices from the lamb roast

6 slices of roast lamb

1/3 cup goat & sheep's milk feta, crumbled


In a large pot, cook pasta al dente as per package instructions.

Drain pasta and reserve a 1/4 cup of the pasta water.

In a small sauce pan, heat lamb juice and lamb slices over medium heat. 

Place pasta in a large pasta bowl, toss with pasta water and lamb juices

Sprinkle with crumbled feta and serve warm.


SERVINGS 4-6 | PREP & COOK TIME 15 mins.

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