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I'm Irene Matys, a Local Farm-To-Table Advocate, Freelance Food Stylist and Food Style Segment Expert on The Marilyn Denis Show at CTV/Bell Media, Recipe Curator and Food Photographer.  I was born on the island of Cyprus and immigrated to Canada in 1976. Back home in Cyprus, my family specialized in olive tree farming and cultivation, and is where my deep appreciation of creating new recipes using locally sourced ingredients originated (even though I didn't know it at the time!). 

In Spring 2015 I began volunteering and collaborating with Plan B Organic Farms. www.planborganicfarms.ca Being refugees, my parents immigrated to Canada in 1976 to give my brother and I a better life. Today, we are extremely grateful as we are blessed with health, love, happiness and family. What better way to give back than to volunteer my time at a local organic farm and help our local farmers who provide wholesome non pesticide food to our family tables. Why did I choose Plan B Farms? It wasn’t fancy machinery or gadgets that made this farm grow, it’s the passion, love of family, hard work and the dedicated volunteers. I have gained so much respect and appreciation as well as the importance of supporting our local farmers. 

Here you will find beautiful and inviting farm-to-table recipes, featuring fresh, local foods and seasonal ingredients that will delight your senses and astound your palettes. 

A few more things about me … 


I am the mother of three beautiful girls and the wife of one lucky husband.  I started my career in the financial services industry and took time away to raise my children. In that time, I earned my Culinary Certificate and graduated with honours from Liaison College Culinary Arts. I now have changed careers and specialize in freelance food styling, recipe creating and food photography for prominent businesses who share my passion. You can head on over to my Portfolio to view my work and get to know my clients.

Visit my Farm-To-Table Blog to follow along on collaborations and events featuring some of my favourite bloggers, restaurants, wineries and so much more....

I was honoured and humbled to recently be featured in Fredi Magazine a powerful on-line publication for the greater Vaughan and Toronto area as one of GTA's social influencers along side some incredibly talented influencers. Click here to view this Special Edition featuring my story, my love and passion of the farm, food styling and photography.


Thank you for spending time on my site, I hope you enjoy reading about me,  my collaborations and trying the recipes, as much as I do creating them! Would like to work together or collaborate, head to my contact page and lets connect!

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